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Passionate Russia

Ruby Sky String Quintet & Marimbas



There certainly is no special need any more to mention the fact that today most chamber ensembles are deeply attached to musical interplay (even though this fact is worth to never be taken for granted!).


And yet, even with the most subtle, most distinguished form of interplay there is always one in the quintet who plays the part of the primus inter pares – the first violin, Yuliya Rubina in the Ruby sky quintet. The author of multiple projects and programs, brilliant violinist, whose talent has been acknowledged long time ago not only by the native Novosibirsk, but outside Russia as well.


This newly developed classical concert program melts with superb sound of string and marimba. This will surely will bring you in a whole new dimension in the classic music.


String Quintet:

Honored artist Yuliya Rubina, violin

Fedor Kabelskii, violin

Oleg Bagisnkiy, viola

Elena Kirdyaeva, cello

Vladimir Dranitsa, doublebass



Chin-Cheng Lin

Ludwig Albert

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